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2nd Edition, Customer Comments.     3rd Edition, Customer Comments.

“Received the Oracle 2 this morning… I know what I’ll be doing tonight when I get in, many thanks for your prompt response.”
“Thanks I have now got the disc. I had no problems … and it is a tribute to your research work… once I have found my way it will be at least as useful maybe more useful than the first edition. Thanks again for all you efforts.”
“Thanks for your time and efforts re the Triumph Oracle. I enjoyed the first disc and look forward to the second. Kindest regards.”
“Thanks for the first part of the Oracle Triumph parts books etc. It is a really good service and a very useful… for winter rebuild –  It has become my bible in the past few months.”
“Many thanks for “The Oracle” issue 2 received this morning. Looks as if it will keep me occupied for quite a while.”
“Wish I’d seen this before I bought paper manuals, but now I have every thing and there does not seem to be a question unanswered in the Oracle 2, what a publication, many thanks for your work.”
 …..”I’ll be ordering a copy, and for the amount of info it contains I think it’s very reasonably priced, and I don’t say that about many things these days! Thanks, Kind Regards Dave”
….”I’ve bought a copy. many hours of reading to come. thanks again Chris”
“I must thank you….suppling a second disc of the Oracle 2, that works on my ancient computer, that really is service.”
“Great work….. about time something like this was available…..very impressed… regards.”
“The DVD arrived today and works fine on my computer, reading direct from the CD. Not seen anything like this, it’s excellent.”
“I thought I have a good library but it pales in comparison to the content of the Oracle. The workshop manuals alone are worth far more…………….. thanks, Roy (not worthy) S.”
“Thanks, it works fine on our old windows pc, if you ever get to do a mac version let me know and i would gladly purchase another one, regards Bruce”
Hi, Just fixed it somehow the file extension pdf wasn’t associated with adobe reader don’t ask me how as I’ve been reading other pdf files with no problems ! anyway all fixed now thanks for your help and patience, looks like there’s plenty of reading on disc 🙂 Cheers Mike
…didnt know anything like this existed, what a fantastic service, just what I need, cheers
Hiya very nice!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. ­I am satisfied to seek out so many helpful info right here within the triumph oracle, thanks for sharing. . . . . .
…just bought the Haynes manual at the Haynes museum and it’s cr.. £18 quid, (gutted) . once again thanks.. Pete
… just what i need! Bought a Bonneville from the heart and not from the head and now i’m paying the price ! Thanks Les …
…its always useful to have the information in one place and it has a lot of interesting other stuff as a bonus… Tony
…Well worth the money, a great piece of work….. Dave
…..I’ve ordered it anyways, looks a useful bit of kit. Pete A.
…now I’ve seen it I I’ll definitely be getting it. Thanks, John.
I bought the 2nd Edition Triumph Oracle a few weeks ago……….It’s a terrific compendium…….GREAT product, ……Cheers, Craig USA
Thank you for the info re Oracle. I have just ordered a copy as I don’t want to wait for Santa. Regards, Reg.
Good one! Thanks for the info, I just ordered/paid for a copy. Cheers from Canada, -Bill
……..Thanks for the disk it runs perfectly …….. I have never seen this……….regards and happy xmas……… Jim
“I received the Oracle last Saturday and unfortunately I am not happy with your product… My first complaint stems from my minimal computer knowledge. You said for windows PC. I put your disc in my windows laptop … I then stupidly thought I had to load something else, so I went into the disc, and for some reason selected I think it was office. That did not allow me access so I put it into an older laptop with XP on it and I could access your home page…  Unfortunately when I returned to my Windows Laptop, what a disaster. So, as you can imagine I deeply regret purchasing this disc from you. I totally disagree with you sending out a disc which someone has purchased and deliberately…whatever you want to call them on that disc. I would like a full refund with return postage paid… Bill. Y.”  (Editors Note) well, you can’t please everyone.
………have a copy of the Triumph Oracle, I have bought manuals and parts lists for my Triumphs….. but still refer to the Oracle. Peter
Hi, Thanks, a useful DVD. Cheers Dave.
I just got this today (Triumph Oracle 2) spent the last few hours going through it, I would say it has almost got every workshop manual and service bulletin, ………… for the price its a bargain.N.Z.
Its not a bad book (DVD)…………. and the pictures aren’t bad………….. it seems to me to have more than expected amount of info ……I got mine in the UK…….. and consider it a good buy.Cheers M,Pt Augusta, Australia.
I must say that from just the size…….. and thumbing through it, I am impressed already and glad I made this purchase. Monty. USA
Thank you for your generous refund. I am sorry that I have no idea how to adjust anything on my PC. I normally ask my teenage niece when she visits me to help me. Sadly that wont be until the summer holidays.
Thanks again, A. N. UK

Wow, a breeze to get at that info……so easy to use………thought I knew a lot about Triumph’s. I’ll be using this every day in the workshop, a dealers dream, well done. Chad, U.K.

………would it be possible to buy another copy of the Triumph Oracle 2nd edition as I can’t find my original copy E.T. UK.

 I bought the 2nd Edition Triumph Oracle a few weeks ago, copying the files onto a second disc for easier access.  All was well then, but I am now unable to access the Oracle from the hard drive or from the original DVD. What can I do to remedy this?  It’s a terrific compendium — I’d just like to be able to use it. CR. UK. (Editors Note, Copying is not permissible, sorry but you must re-purchase).

…thanks, it includes all the manuals…. which is what I need. It does Look good value. Regards Perry

I have just joined Oracle but am waiting for the dvd, can’t wait to see it. Andy
… Windows ‘8’ PC problems resolved, DVD loads perfectly now, thank you for your assistance.
Oracle is amazing……worth three time the price….Kind regards, Ted
I do have one of John Nelson’s CD’but this one has much more on it. Best regards Dave
it’s a really useful DVD, (but I still like to have paper versions of manuals and parts lists so I can add info – not so easy on a DVD!). Regards Tony. Editors Note, I take your point, maybe we can include this facility!
i’ve got mine, to be honest i thought you made a mistake on your orical price, look on ebay and just one manual is the cost of all these. i bought a dvd from kim cd man ages ago and that cost me £60 and its not a patch on the orical. thanks really great service. Tim IOW
Ordered a copy…..a better investment than the Haynes book (a complete waste of paper and money) Ed, Leiden, Netherlands. 
I love the old stuff, I am currently restoring a 1921 Triumph Junior,……. as well as sorting my mates T110. Once again thanks, Oracle ordered. M.F. Derby, UK.
Thanks …swift response ….very welcome and intuitive Oracle article on clutch adjustment, extremely useful. R.P.  Shropshire, U.K.
Thank you for responding to my email so promptly. I opened the instructions on the web site & used the link to load the later version of Adobe. Now I can open and navigate all of the CD, and I am very impressed with the content. Many thanks for you help and guidance. Kind regards G.T.  Reading, U.K.
Hey guys,
I live in switzerland… I would love to get the Oracle, is there anyway I could buy it from you guys?…thanks a lot,…Max
Thanks,…. a really comprehensive piece of kit,…… Chappo, Medway UK.
I acquired my copy of ‘The Triumph Oracle’ earlier this year,… I find it invaluable for sourcing parts numbers and colours etc. My problem is if I put it on to look up a small part three hours later I find myself looking at something entirely different to what I intended to, but a very enjoyable three hours I have to say. Money well spent. Tony. Midlands, UK.
Looks very interesting. I do have a fairly large library of triumph stuff, but for the price I reckon I cant go wrong! I will be buying one! Trev, Peterborough, UK.

3rd Edition, Customer Comments.

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– WOW, what a collection. K.S. NZ

This 3rd edition…..a great resource – I’ll defo have to get a copy. Cheers Linda. SW London.

A good source of manuals etc is Kim the CD Mans range of DVD, or as a slicker option the Triumph Oracle 3 DVD, great range of info including service sheets, parts books, handbooks and manuals. Much cheaper than buying hard copies. Clive D. Herts UK.

KIM, 6th edition, difficult to find anything……….I ended up with the Triumph Oracle, a fraction of the price,…..and actually tells you what you need to know………but you live & learn. Paul M, London. UK.

I recently bought the ‘Oracle’…..excellent stuff…….thanks a zillion A.T. London TOMCC

One for my Christmas present list ! Paul S; Meriden.

Get yourself a copy of the Oracle 3. Tons useful info including 1952 and 53 speed twin parts books. For the price you can’t go wrong. Would not be without my copy. C.D. London. TOMCC

My copy of Oracle 3 has arrived and is very interesting – loads of info and will prove very useful, cant wait…..Ken C. U.K.

………sounds like a good investment (and now it’s oracle -3), so just bought. Again thanks, Steve. H. Yorks U.K.

I didn’t need to do anything when I loaded it the first time, as my iMac was already set to open any disk inserted. M.S. UK.

Just as described and speedy delivery, Canlerio France,

Lots of information to be dug out of this.Thanks, Grey UK.

Excellent service. Thanks B.B. Canada.

I’m not into buying this stuff, theirs not a lot I don’t know about Triumphs and you guys just make money out off mugs, in any case I’ve got some Haynes and Triumph manuals, all right the additional components sections look ok, but I’d take some convincing that it’s worth what your asking. (No Name). Thanks No Name, If you know everything already you’d clearly be wasting your money. Editor.

Unbelievable, ordered 10pm, delivered next day, & super product, why didn’t I find this before, thanks, Ian UK.

Fast and efficient service. Highly recomended, Steve, UK.

Hi Again, I run a busy Classic Triumph Workshop. I had already bought the 2nd ed, but got damaged, so bought again, 3rd edition. Got to say, despite working on these machines for 30 + years I check all my data using it, and learn more every time. A word of advice for buyers is a very useful facility where notes that can be entered on it if you download to your hard disc. I’ve integrated it to use in my estimates, it works a treat. I’m also impressed with the ‘top tips’ pop ups & gear ratio calculator. Thanks again you guys deserve a beer. CHAD Dorset, UK.

Excellent service highly recommended W Rose UK.


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