388 Classic Triumph Motorcycle workshop manuals, handbooks & parts catalogues are included in the Oracle 3

Classic Triumph Motorcycle Manuals

Classic Triumph Motorcycle Manuals

The Triumph Oracle 3 possibly contains the world’s largest collection of Classic Triumph motorcycle manuals available on a singular source. There are 388 workshop and owners manuals, handbooks, Lucas manuals and components lists. This covers every machine produced from 1904 to 1984. You should find all the technical data, you will ever need, relating to pre 1984 Triumph motorcycles.

Every manual and handbook for Triumph Motorcycles produced before 1984

Whether you are rebuilding, maintaining or restoring a classic Triumph motorcycle, you will find the information you need. Each manual is easy to find through a user friendly PDF program that guides you through each process, and uniquely, tells you ‘why’. All the manuals, as well as technical knowledge from enthusiasts and experts, are on one interactive DVD. Learn more…

Add editors notes to the manuals

Do you want to make some notes as you go? No problem! An excellent and useful feature, on the Oracle 3, is the facility to add editors notes. You can easily insert your own note in to a text field and save it. You can even edit it later if needs be. It is difficult to that with a printed version.

You will also find 33 detailed components sections, these unique catalogues explore the evolution, factory changes and suitability of each component, with ‘Top Tips’, what Triumph never told you, all making searching for those elusive answers a breeze in ‘bite size’ sections. Lubrication wall charts for printing out and unique Gear and Compression calculators designed by Oracle especially for your Triumph. This is one publication you cannot afford to not have. For a full list of manuals and contents please visit our contents page.

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