Motorcycle Parts & Service Suppliers Wanted, Trade.

Oracle has capacity for trade parts & Service suppliers to advertise their business and parts in the Oracle.

Oracle is a not for profit global publication. This is as a service to Oracle users. We appreciate your sales may be limited to one jurisdiction, and this can be accommodated. Providing your business continues to meet criteria, your entry will be permanent in each copy distributed in perpetuity, following your entry. Costs will be calculable only on editorial time and inclusion cost; otherwise

This is free to all advertisers.

So whats the catch? All prospective advertisers will be asked to accept a mystery shopper rating based on the following criteria:-

Time in business,

  1. Years.

Quality of service,

  1. Accuracy of supply,
  2. Quality of Components,
  3. Speed of Delivery,
  4. Customer Care.

Top Rated businesses will carry a five star rating based on a score of one to five from each off the above, pre-approved by yourself.

If you would like to participate in this opportunity, reply to Oracle on the contact page of the Oracle site, or click here:- CONTACT PAGE.

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