The largest complete classic Triumph motorcycle manual in the World.

The Triumph Oracle 3 is a master-class in technical ‘know how’ relating to classic ‘pre 1984’ Triumph motorcycles. It has everything you will need to know about rebuilding, maintaining, tuning and repairing your machine. This exquisite collection of knowledge and expertise is the world’s largest source of data for 1904 to 1984 Triumph motorcycles.

Oracle 3 is the third, final and ultimate edition, covering the entire production of pre Coventry to Meriden in meticulous detail. It has been written by Triumph enthusiasts for Triumph enthusiasts. With input from experts around the world it is the complete solution for anyone wishing to gain knowledge and technical expertise about their bike. Extra material added for 2020.

Oracle 3 Includes 388 Triumph Workshop Manuals, Handbooks and Parts Lists – Now with 33 detailed Component volumes!

Classic Triumph Motorcycle Manual

Oracle 3 includes manual by Thomas G. Gunn

This compendium is possibly the largest singular collection of pre 1984 Triumph motorcycle manuals, handbooks and parts lists in the world. It has all the technical information you will need in one place and costing less than many individual manuals. This really is a ‘one stop shop’ no matter what classic Triumph you have. Read more…

Everything you need on a easy to use DVD in pdf format for PC and MAC

The Oracle 3 comes complete on a single DVD. It is easy to set up by inserting the disc and a ‘one click’ open means you are up and running in less than a minute. The program is exceptionally user friendly with a ‘simple to navigate’ interface. It runs on PC (windows) and Mac. All that is needed to run it is Adobe Reader. Each page is clearly presented in pdf format, interactive, and printer friendly. You can even add your own notes to the component pages. Read more…

Do you own a classic triumph motorcycle or know someone who does?

Would you like to keep it in good repair and condition?

Would you like to know the best way to do it?

Then what are you waiting for? The Triumph Oracle 3 is solution for you!

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