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The Triumph Oracle is a masterclass in technical know how for classic Triumph motorcycles. I highly recommend it


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WOW! What a collection

Great Resource

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This 3rd edition is a great resource – I’ll defo have to get a copy. Cheers

Best to go with Triumph Oracle

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A good source of manuals etc is Kim the CD Mans range of DVD, or as a slicker option is the Triumph Oracle 3 DVD, great range of info including service sheets, parts books, handbooks and manuals. Much cheaper than buying hard copies

What you need to know for a good price

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KIM, 6th edition, difficult to find anything. I ended up with the Triumph Oracle, a fraction of the price and actually tells you what you need to know. But you live & learn

Excellent Stuff!

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I recently bought the Triumph Oracle and it is excellent stuff. Thanks a zillion

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Do you like what you see? Order your copy of the Triumph Oracle 3rd edition manuals here now?

Below are comments from some of our customers who recently purchased the Triumph Oracle third edition. It is the only data source you will ever need relating to 1904 – 1984 Triumph motorcycles.
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  1. Regards Tony. says:

    it’s a really useful DVD, (but I still like to have paper versions of manuals and parts lists so I can add info – not so easy on a DVD!).

  2. Trev, Peterborough, UK. says:

    Looks very interesting. I do have a fairly large library of triumph stuff, but for the price I reckon I cant go wrong! I will be buying one!

  3. Andy says:

    I have just joined Oracle but am waiting for the dvd, can’t wait to see it.

  4. Val Price says:

    I bought the oracle 3, sent quick, got the next day, had a quirk opening it, turned out to be I didnt have Adobe reader program on my machine and all OK now, thanks the guy from oracle, sorted same day. The engine strip program is very good saved me loads of time – grief, worth the price for this alone. Iv put a large screen in my garage fed of my laptop, works well and info available at touch of the mouse, best part is the permanent record of where Im upto and what Iv done. Got used to putting notes on pages now, but the amount of info in this is just awsome, reckon all those hours spent searching books & forums are a thing of the past now, just as well, better things to do than that. I can recommend it, just wish I’d got it sooner. PS some of the stuff in this is gold dust, Iv worked on these for years and learnt new stuff from oracle.

  5. Rob Long, Cambs UK says:

    ……received mine yesterday, loaded and found what I needed within minutes, great

  6. J.A. Norfolk UK says:

    ordered it late Friday night and it arrived this morning. That’s what I call prompt postage, so thanks very much….already found some useful data.

  7. DT says:

    fantastic offer. I bought a haynes Manual last week and to be honest it’s not very good. so a big THANKS

  8. Tony says:

    When I try and use gear ratio or compression ratio calculators in Excel I get a ”file is password protected message” and can’t open them.
    If I try and download Open Office — it directs me to a Chinese website and I can’t and won’t use this.

    Although quite a bit seems to be working ok – I am struggling to warm to this product

    I am running MS Windows 10 and have updated Adobe as suggested.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Tony, appols for late reply, only use the official Apache website, Open office, no password req’d, (its not Chinese), yes ‘MS Office’; has changed protocols, and is now useless unless you purchase from them (£97 yr), but you don’t need that. Set your pdf preferences for best navigation as shown on web help page. enjoy. keep safe.

  9. Admin says:

    Apologies to any awaiting reply, It seems not only ourselves are susceptible to C19, Mouse, Screen, Computer all went down within days of each other. Windows 10, 2nd version now, better than previous! Due to the increasing complexity of security on Imacs, Oracle 3 is now only available in the simplified version, ie you have to ‘click’ to open it. Hope your all well and use Oracle to fettle those machines before you get riding again.

  10. Admin Chief of Staff says:


    Having supplied dozens of Oracle3 for use on Imac we have had a couple of incidences where the buyer struggled to open the disc. The disc is Self Opening on Windows, but not on Imac if the Imac settings are not correct. It really is simple to do, but appreciate some will always find this difficult.

    In response, and to give 100% customer satisfaction, the disc is now resolved to open identically with one click on all systems, by loading, open ‘my computer’ and ‘clicking file shortcut’.

    This will make no difference to any users, but offer simplicity to those that wish to use Oracle3 on Imac.

  11. Admin says:

    Thanks for your comments Steve,

    “the really excellent Triumph Oracle DVD I purchased from you. I hope you are keeping well during these difficult times? …Firstly, I just wanted to let you know how useful it’s been in helping me rebuild my 1961 6T bathtub, which had been in boxes since the early 1970’s. This was my first attempt to rebuild a classic bike & frankly, I couldn’t have done it without the guidance of this great material…..I’ve learnt so much and now feel bitten by the bug – so am starting to look for a second project. One has surfaced (well.. 80% of one at least)”.

    This is what the Oracle is all about.

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