All Included in Oracle 3

Triumph Workshop Manuals, Parts Lists, Maintenance Volumes, Individual Component Detail.

Oracle 3 is now completed, exclusive & exciting new data from both the editor & generous contributors has been included into it’s respective categories. I can tell you that the level of detail for each year is unprecedented. Indexing is a key element of the Oracle, as, unlike simply by year or model, many components and techniques are interchangeable. These would otherwise go undetected or forgotten except by a few knowledgeable old hands. The COMPONENT Sections have been reviewed by some of the top guys in the Triumph field for accuracy.  33 Component categories complement 100’s of Workshop – Parts & Handbook manuals in superb detail. Vintage Triumph machines are included & catered for with brand new publications including two books of original engineering text & drawings for making a Vintage Engine’s.

  If you only use one detail from the Oracle, it’s paid for it’self. In a world where web posts are unreliable, don’t take the chance of urban myth spoiling your prized machine.

Now on General Release, all volumes included.

33 new Detailed Component Sections give you the in’s & outs of Triumph parts on every year in unprecedented detail. Including every known Triumph fixing size to part number by searchable index. This compendium makes every owner a Triumph expert. *Add your own editable notes to component books, just like paper manuals.

Comp Comp.Comp Comp



Blue Printing

The Engine Rebuilding Book in ‘Components’ (Left Illustration) has a new feature to allow you to Blue Print your engine during disassembly. This guides you through the process and allows you to record and track all details as you strip your Engine, Gear Box & Clutch, a permanent record is kept as you dismantle in the correct order & measure wear, so you know what parts you may need and allows you to record the part numbers for each component. No more forgetting what you have done on scraps of paper or indecipherable notes.





See the FULL contents page for all volumes included, terrific value, get your copy at the reduced price. Special discount for Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club members.

Purchasing and restoring an old Triumph is becoming more popular than ever, figures out today (May 2020) prove it’s not only a hedge against inflation, but a great hobby for those that love these bikes and want an investment or even a pension pot. While there are many marques on the block, Triumph engine classic & modern remain the most popular.

Stop Press – Classic Triumphs are being ‘Re-imported’ from USA to satisfy demand, get one while you can.

New Products Designed, Manufactured & Tested by Oracle, so you don’t have to.

Included in “Oracle 3” a modified Engine Oil Boss,
to accept screw connections. Suits a modern oil filter setup.
Full Eng Drawings.

DCAM0011 - CopyOver the years, many previously impossible to obtain Triumph spares have now been brought back into production, and although some have a questionable heritage, at least they are available. Not only that they are quite affordable. Compare say the cost of a classic Triumph camshaft for a T120, with that of it’s modern counter part, and you will find that servicing an old Triumph is actually more economical than a new one. Not surprising then that so many want one. But this has a profound effect on your decision making, notably, do you restore to pristine concourse condition, and never ride the machine for fear of devaluing it?  Few would not agree that riding these great machines brings more joy than the loss of monetary value, and if you consider the costs involved then the decision becomes easier. Get on your bike and, not only ride it, but improve it as you go.

The Editor.

Included in “Oracle 3”
a modified Dbl Cam Gear Box Adjuster,
for Triumph Pre-Unit. Full Eng Drawings.



 Skinned knuckles and three arms are a thing of the past with this device. Slacken gearbox bolts, turn the knurled knob and adjustment is precise with no gearbox twist during or after primary chain adjustment. The ‘preferred’ Triumph method they couldn’t justify.





Included in “Oracle 3”
a modified Triumph Pre-Unit Swing Arm,
to accept Needle Roller Bearings.
Full Eng Drawings.



Precision for life. No more play, iffy MOT’s, dismantling, reaming or handling problems. This conversion eliminates the most tiresome job on your Classic Triumph machine.





Scheduled for 3rd Ed Full Eng Drawings

Included in “Oracle 3”
Full Eng Drawings



  Do away with bulky hydraulics and excessive closed height. This little baby simply plugs into the mains and powers the lift with 24v electric rams. Drive your bike on to park in your garage with the front wheel docking device you can also secure your classic machine against theft.






Fed up with those flimsy inaccurate wheel adjusters, the adjuster nut fouling the brake spring, counting threads? Simple to make DIY adjuster to suit all Triumph wheels, low cost with accuracy means your wheel runs true. Full engineering drawings supplied in Oracle3.



Included in “Oracle 3”
Full Eng Drawings

Filter Conversion Special, Give your machine a treat!, don’t get it wrong, read Oracle first.

5 Speed Conversion? How to retain your Speedometer Drive & Slick-shift action. Only Oracle has solved this!

One of the bikes used as a test rig for modifications, measured & planned, So you don’t have too!

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