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This compendium is the largest & most comprehensive work in the world on the eighty years of Triumph production comprising over 387 superb volumes with 62 additions would cost you over £4,500.00  in paper version.

Covering every machine produced from 1904 to 1984 you should find every  Workshop Manual,  Parts List & Handbook To cover the machine you want,

Suits all Windows PC’s & computers. 

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Included are,  Lucas Manuals,   Technical Bulletins,  Components Lists,  Histories,

Old & New Modifications, How to do things, & a whole lot more.

33 Detailed Component Sections give you the in’s & outs of parts on every year in unprecedented detail. Including every known fixing size to part number by searchable index. This compendium makes every owner an expert. *Add your own editable notes to books, just like paper manuals.

Whether you are rebuilding, maintaining or simply interested, this DVD will delight you. Presented in PDF format, every page is Indexed & editorially enhanced for clean detail and clarity, print friendly, Easy to Use. Priced as destination. Strictly limited offer; Price Rise Imminent. Oracle is not for profit with no commercial links.

Presented in Quality Hard Case & Sleeve.


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