SnipInstuctions - CopyrightThe Oracle will work on any Windows computer. iMac requires setting to open any disk inserted. Oracle is a Program, not a simple data set.

It will work fully & ‘Auto Run’ on all windows, including windows 10. If you do not already have the latest Adobe Pdf reader, download it below, this is Free. No other software is required for the manuals.

Oracle 3  Opens automatically & can read directly from the disk. Simple to use Gear ratio & Compression calculators are included, changing your pistons, gear sprockets? see what difference will be made! 4 & 5 speed allowed. Latest windows “calc” programs will open calculators, but you may wish to download the optimum “Open Office” Suite, which again is Free and does not involve “cloud” access or glitches. (see setting preferences below).

“Click” the instructions image above to enlarge, 


To Add Sticky Notes & Engine ‘BluePrint’ to Component sections, (requires download to your Hard Disc).

 ³Do not interfere with any internal files or copy to other media, this will render the data useless.

How to download to your Hard Disc:-

  1.  Open your ‘Documents’ File, create a new folder and name Oracle3, open the folder.
  2. Load the disc, allow to run, then close the Oracle page that appears, open your desktop ‘Computer icon’. Left click on DVD Drive, (usually Drive ‘E’), Click ‘Open’.
  3. Highlight all 28 files, drag & drop into your new ‘Oracle3’ folder.
  4. Left click TriumphOrace2.exe, click ‘Create Shortcut’. Place the shortcut on your desktop or your control bar. Close all open windows then simply use shortcut for opening. Remove disc & store.

¹This designation may appear different.

²Place files wherever you like, before creating your shortcut.

³Attempts at extraction (ripping) of internal files activates time dependency on use. (read ‘Agreement’).


Reader Preferences:-

 (ONLY) for “WINDOWS  “10” running Adobe DC XI.  [This is not a disc fault]

If you have purchased for use on a new PC with windows 10 operating system, and any features do not seem to work correctly, be sure you have the latest Adobe Pdf Reader update / install DC Adobe XI. Insert the disc, wait for the intro page to appear, and try the ‘finger pointer’ operation first. All the files can be read on 10, but for best display require the “Adobe Reader Preferences” to be set as these may not be ‘carried’ forward from your old PC.  Adobe is the premier Pdf reader and you should use this in preference to other readers.

Windows 10 is easily corrected. As the ‘pre-loaded’ Adobe DC XI is installed on Windows 10, you will need to set your “Edit” – “Preferences” as these are not carried forward from your previous version of Adobe Reader.


Go to,         otherversions / download (sample page shown) below to update your system. Choose DC XI.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure, you will get a message saying your “system is already up to date”. The disc will work on any version of  9+ Adobe.

Adobe Loader1






To set your Adobe Reader Preferences.

Keeping more than one pdf document open at the same time.

Insert disk, wait for self load, Intro page opens, on top toolbar, click “Edit” click “Preferences” select/click “Documents” and un-tick, “Open cross document links in the same window” click OK. Make as many changes as required in one go, no need to keep loading disc. (see below for illustrations).

To prevent repeated “This document is trying to access” security warnings.

Insert disk, wait for self load, Intro page opens, on top toolbar, click “Edit” click “Preferences” select/click ” Security Enhanced” un-tick, “Enable protected mode at startup” click OK. You can off course set any preferences to suit yourself, don’t worry about getting it wrong, there is a reset all option available.

To allow operation of Gear & Compression calculators.

Insert disk, wait for self load, Intro page opens, on top toolbar, click “Edit” click “Preferences” select/click “Trust Manager” tick, allow opening of non-pdf documents.

Follow the below for all basic Pdf reader functions or customize as required, remember to ‘select/click’ OK, to save your settings. Click the illustrations below for a better view.


1 PDF Settings - 1 Commenting.1 PDF Settings - 1 Commenting

PDF Settings - 1 Commenting

PDF Settings - 2 Documents






PDF Settings - 3 Full Screen

PDF Settings - 4 General


PDF Settings - 5 Page Display







Problems opening DVD.
PC computer Media Preferences may not be set to ‘Open any DVD Inserted’  are you waiting up to 2 minuets for it to load?,

Click your ‘Computer’ icon.
click ‘Control Panel’ ‘Security’, ‘Windows Firewall’, ‘Allowed Programs’.
Tick boxes for ‘DVD’ & ‘Media Player’ then push ‘Change Settings’ button.

Next or as an alternative,
Click ‘Control Panel’ ‘All Control Panel Items/Adjust your Computers Settings’ ‘AUTO PLAY’. Look for :- ‘Software & Games’ Choose:- ‘Install or Run programmes from your Media’, Click ‘Save’ Button at bottom. Then retry the Oracle disc.






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