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Oracle 3 contains all pre-1984 Triumph motorcycle workshop manuals and parts lists

The Triumph Oracle 3 is a masterclass in technical know-how relating to ‘pre 1984’ Triumph motorcycles. it has everything you need to know about rebuilding, repairing, maintaining and tuning your machine. This exquisite collection of knowledge and expertise is the worlds largest source of data for 1904-1984 triumph motorcycles.

Oracle 3 is the third and final ultimate edition covering the entire production of pre-Coventry to Meridian in meticulous detail. It has been written by Triumph enthusiasts for Triumph enthusiasts. With input from experts around the world it is the complete solution for anyone wishing to gain knowledge about their motorcycle.

This compendium is possibly the largest singular collection of pre-1984 Triumph motorcycle manuals, handbooks and parts lists in the world. It has all the technical information you will need in one place and costs less than many individual manuals. This really is a one-stop-shop no matter what classic Triumph motorcycle you may have.

33 detailed volumes on every component in every machine

Details the in’s and out’s of those questions not answered in other books

Expert advice on what fits, what doesn’t and how to do it whilst solving those perplexing questions. Modifications, upgrades and more. If you need an answer its here

Everything you need on an easy to use DVD in PDF format for PC and MAC

The Oracle 3 comes complete on a single DVD. It is easy to set up by inserting the disc and a ‘one-click’ open means that you are up and running in less than a minute. The program is exceptionally user friendly with a simple to navigate interface. It runs on PC (Windows and Mac). All that is needed to run it is Adobe Reader. Each page is clearly presented in PDF format, interactive and printer friendly. You can even add your own notes to the component pages.

Including detailed information on:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Tuning
  • Rebuilding
  • How to do things other publications don’t show
  • Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

Whether you are rebuilding, maintaining or simply interested, this DVD will delight you. Presented in PDF format every page is indexed and editorially enhanced for detail and clarity, print friendly and priced as per destination.

Oracle is not for profit and has no advertising or commercial links. Trade enquiries are welcome.

Presented in quality hard case and sleeve. Also available on a USB memory stick. Orders dispatched each Friday

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